👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 Everything you need to know about the General Knowledge Quiz

Throughout our lives we are dealing with bad and good experiences and because of them we acquire knowledge. People are always trying to learn everything they can and acquire a level of general culture that can be at least ‘accepted’ to others.

Not only throughout experiences but since we are children we are absorbing knowledge from movies, books, the internet, our family and a simple conversation we can had with anybody else.

General knowledge quiz

With all these elements mentioned before, we grown up with a general knowledge and we use it to communicate with others and solve the needs that are presented day by day.

If you want to prove yourself and see how much you know about ‘basic’ stuffs you learned in school, you should take the general knowledge quiz.


🤔 What’s a General Knowledge Quiz?

Nowadays the term ‘general knowledge’ doesn’t have a great impact on society like it has before. Likewise, in the past, every day people had the curiosity to learn and wanted to know more about everything.

We could say it was a practice, people were feeding themselves with knowledge and that was a good feeling. In these times, the mentality and attitudes of citizens, sadly, have changed a lot.

However, if you think you haven’t lost your interest in culture, a good way to verify this is taking an online general knowledge quiz. There, you will find questions about names, definitions, dates, information and basic stuff you should know from school. These are questions you should know the answer, should have learned and retained the information in your memory.

In any general knowledge quiz questions can be about physics, math, biology, science, language, art, geography, world history, religion and more.

What’s a General Knowledge Quiz?

🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ Where to take a General Knowledge Quiz?

As mentioned before, you can take the general knowledge quiz on the internet and check if you still can remember everything you learned in school. There are many pages where you can take an easy general knowledge quiz for free and prove if you need to restudy everything again or not.

In any quiz, you will find a list of general culture questions, it can be from a minimum of 50 to 100 questions or more. The format is easy, in each question there will be from 3 to 4 options to choose the correct answer. When choosing the answer, a green check icon will appear if correct and a red X will appear if wrong.

Finishing the general knowledge quiz with answers you will see the final score you got, how many were answered right and how many were wrong. On the final comment, you will discover the level of your knowledge if low, medium or high, so be prepared and take the challenge by yourself.

😃 Why to take a General Knowledge Quiz?

The best way to increase knowledge and cheer up ourselves to study and learn more every day about different subjects is to carry out general knowledge quizzes which, in addition to reinforcing the knowledge acquire up to now, we learn and memorize things we didn’t know correctly.

📕 How and where to learn general knowledge?

If you don’t have general knowledge, you can’t have a basic conversation with your teacher, your family or your friends. The more you know about different subjects and topics, the stronger your development as a person becomes. Thus, you will be able to chat with people about anything and understand the topic in a much deeper way.

Developing a general culture can be difficult and maybe can take you time, this is a process where you need to accumulate, and it takes place very slowly. The benefit is that to get more knowledge is very easy to achieve it, here we will you a series of tips to increase and learn general knowledge:

1. Read or watch the news to be updated

What may be happening today in any part of the planet earth and is being published in newspapers, social media, television, can become historic tomorrow. With the technology we can be connected to any other country in the world that is far away apart from us, so being aware of what is happening, seeing the whole process, is like experiencing the event and that makes us to not forget it easily.

We will have a clear vision of what is happening, how it happened, who are the protagonist and we will able to have a conversation with anyone about it.

It doesn’t have to be economy or politics, you can learn in newspaper and social media about interviews, special coverage on special topics like the advance of science, technology or actual life.

2. Read books more often

Just a book per month can make the difference, however its author, reading a book is an immeasurable source of knowledge. You can pick a novel, even if it’s about fictitious facts, these are explained very carefully from many areas of human knowledge. From knowing the name of a utensil to the functioning of some organ of the human body.

You don’t have to read 5 books at the same time but at least one per month. The more books a person can read, the more general knowledge they will get. This is a very basic and simple rule since always.

To increase the general knowledge with books, we recommend all the classics of literature. These are the books that help the most, also many of these classics are famous masterpieces.

3. Read blogs of interest

On the internet there are many blogs of interest that are written by people with great knowledge, either particular or general. Reading and being in contact with them can help to develop the knowledge.

4. Crosswords and other games

If you think everything is by reading and reading, is not like that. You can also play and get knowledge. For instance, crosswords, this type of game is nourished by general knowledge, from conjugations of verbs, abbreviations, chemical symbols, biblical characters, words in Latin, definitions and more.

To solve crosswords doesn’t take so long, it just takes a few minutes and once a week it can be useful to increase the general knowledge.

However, there are other type of games like Pictionary, Scrabble to play with your friends at home, or mobile applications that you can play before going to bed, on the public transportation, and wherever you can to help you to broad your general knowledge in an entertaining and fun way.

5. Why not to take more general knowledge quizzes?

The more general knowledge quizzes you take, the more you encourage the learning of varied knowledge. If you feel you are not prepared, don’t worry, you can still see the general knowledge quiz questions and answers and memorize them. Then, practice repeatedly and you will never forget the information.

Conclusions and benefits of having general knowledge

It has become very usual when we see on television contests about ‘general knowledge’ where women and men exhibit almost with pride their ignorance. There are issues on historical dates, capitals of countries, book authors, etc. The lack of knowledge can be kind of shameful and we need to appreciate and stimulate others to study and learn about everything.

Knowing a little of everything is a lag of the enlightenment era and the encyclopedic knowledge. Being cultured is an added value in any humanities professional area. But in this era any person has all the knowledge in their pocket, in a smartphone connected to the internet, the notion of ‘knowing everything’ because an electronic item, is not real knowledge.

The benefits of having general knowledge can take you to the top of your goals. Some of these are:

  • You surely can get the job of your dreams, be the best student of your classroom and feel proud of yourself.
  • You can be more creative and be able to better process the demands of the modern world.
  • You will improve your IQ, you will become more intelligent.
  • You will open new doors, if you are a great communicator, your opinions will be taken into account and this can take you to great opportunities.
  • You will be able to initiate or being in any conversation, you can talk about anything without problems and can debate the different opinions with full knowledge of the cause.
  • You will have better analysis of reality, either reality can be relative or trans-versed, you will see better the reality of things by having general knowledge.

We start to acquire general knowledge since we have use of reason, the things we learned in childhood are combined with what we learned in school. All this accumulation allows us to have a wide and varied general culture.

Therefore, it is very important to continue and maintain the interest of having general knowledge. If you apply the tips we mentioned before, you will increase your knowledge. Also traveling is another way to know more about other cultures, civilizations, traditions and different ways of thinking among yours.

Of course, the general knowledge quiz it seems to be very useful, are very funny and you can find them on the internet or social media.