👧 DDLG Quiz

First, we should start for knowing the basic concepts. The DDLG community is flourishing on the internet and social media nowadays where different blogs have been created by women who describe themselves as LG. DDLG stands for Daddy Dom and Little Girl (something like Dominant Daddy and Little Girl).

DDLG quiz

These nicknames are very common among people who are in a relationship or sex relationship and it seems like “Daddy” is now more controversial than other nicknames. Also, the DDLG community is considered an extra piece of the BDSM world.

Daddy Dom

The Daddy represents an authority figure for his little one. He must provide moral support, care and emotional containment. The man who acts like a DD prioritizes positive reinforcement, like rewards, rather than negative reinforcement, punishments. The goal is to serve as a guide and refuge.

The Daddy in a relationship helps the Little Girl to face the things she fears assuming a huge responsibility. It doesn’t have to represent a specific age or be older than the Little Girl.

Little Girl

Regardless of your age, a Little Girl should act like one, innocent, cute, having the soul of a child girl and dazzled by life. The woman (or man) who play the role of LG have a huge heart and brings feelings to the surface.

The most important thing for a Little Girl is to be a source of pride for his Daddy. Little Girls can enjoy childish stuffs like cartoons, stuffed animals, plushies, coloring, diapers, pastel colors…

🤔 How to know what kind of DD / LG are you?

If you are inside the DDLG world and want to find out what kind of Little Girl you are, you can take a DDLG quiz on the internet and find out. This is assuming you are one (little girl) but there are many kinds of littles.

Questions are simple, from your age, your gender (homosexuals can act like little girls as well), favorite color, what’s your ideal date, favorite accessory, how does daddy treat you, what do you usually do with your Daddy and many more.

As for the Daddy Dom, there are many quizzes too. You will find questions like what kind of outfit do you like your little wear, what do you do the most with your little girl, etc. Sexual DDLG quizzes can be found too on the internet.

👧 Types of Little Girl

As the results, it may vary depends on your answers, based on them you will find out your actual type of little. Many people have done the homework of separating the features of every kind of little, the most known by the community are:

  • Pet play: this is when the little usually acts like a pet. For instance, like a cat, deer, dog or fox.
  • Casual: this is the most casual for role playing. Is when acting like baby girls or boys, cry baby or a princess.

For the Daddies, there are 3 types:

  • Alpha: an animal play role. They will protect you and made a mark on you to fulfill a pact.
  • Master: the sadistic and seductive ones. This kind of DD will full control you.
  • Daddy: the casual one. This type will take care of you when you need it and it is basically like the parental role.

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