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Every year since we are children, inevitably we must assume the date of our birthday. When we are kids this is probably a memorable date, in adolescence it’s an opportunity to get together with friends, later in the middle age our birthday becomes the commitment involving the attendance to those who come to say hello to us and as we get older and older, the celebration becomes an event where the family reunites, is the time where siblings, nephews and nieces, cousins get together.

Psychological age

We tend to think that our only age is the one that marks the date of the day or night we were born against the date we are in a given moment. This is commonly known as the chronological age and this is not the only age we have. Actually, we have more than one age and this time we want to talk about the psychological age.

🤔 What’s the psychological age?

Many people have the same opinion about the psychological age, many think this age is what really represents a person’s age. This is the age we feel we have, for example, you can be 50 years old but feeling and acting like you felt when in your 30s but being carefully and not behaving in such a way that others call you ridiculous.

The psychological age is an intimate and emotional experience that should be shared only with your circle of trust. Also, it can be by the contrary, you may have 30 years old and feeling like you were in your 50s.

It all depends on the choices you make, your maturity level, the cognitive ability, the way you see things, and more.

The psychological age can’t be compared with the mental age, this last one is a concept related to intelligence, thus is about how a determined child, at a certain age, performs intellectually compared to the average intellectual performance of others and the physical age, measured in years.

📕 How to know your psychological age?

If you are curious, you just can navigate through the Internet, play and take a quiz to find out what your actual psychological age is, you will find many of them with different questions about daily life and, based on your answers, the system will determinate your psychological age.

However, in a deeply case, you will need a complete evaluation to identify your psychological age based in a judicious analysis of the particularities you do. A psychologist may evaluate you professionally and with the right use of protocols, based on your thoughts and behaviors the professional will check what your truly age is.

😰 Is it bad when the psychological age is older than the chronological one?

Not necessarily, this could mean that you known how to act in any situation, you act carefully and take things as they should be.

There are other ages that can define you, through the organs of your body like the somatic age or biological age, the age that others think we have called the social age and the last one the chronological age which is the number of years we have lived according to the almanac.


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Psychological age quiz

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