👦 Stranger Things Quiz

Stranger Things is a very popular original Netflix series uploaded in the same popular streaming service platform. Since its release in 2016, thanks to its mixture of suspense, thriller, science fiction, drama and 80s ambience, this series became so popular between teenagers and adults.

Stranger things quiz

The third season is around the corner, the first one was a surprise for everybody and we loved it. Then the second season was the phenomenon and the analysis. Now, the fans are questioning about the third and last one we think? But anyways, if you think you are a huge fan of this American tv show, you must take one of many quizzes you will find on the web to play and have some fun challenging yourself.

So, you think you are a real fan of the series? Stranger Things season 3 is coming this July 4th for the platform Netflix, so to prepare ourselves, show to your friends how much you know about the series as you think. You will find Stranger Things quizzes about:

  • How much do you know about the show?
  • How much do you remember the first or second season?
  • Do you remember everything about Stranger Things?

And also, you can find other types of quizzes like:

  • What stranger things character are you?
  • With that character of stranger things do you identify yourself?

If you take the first type Stranger Things quiz, you will find questions like when did the series began and you must choose the exact date, also the date and the name of the town where the story is developed, names of not relevant characters and data about the main characters.

However, talking about the main characters, there are these types of quizzes where you can find out which character of Stranger Things are you like we mentioned before, and based on your answers you will know how your personality is much alike with some on the kids: Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas or Will.

🤔 Which Stranger Things character do you think you are?

  1. Dustin: If your answer is Dustin, then you are the one who hold the group of your friends together. You will give everything, and you will an effort to keep them by your side, no matter what.
  2. Eleven: If you are like Eleven, then you are a strong person, determined and protagonist of your own life. Sacrificing yourself always if necessary for those you love the most.
  3. Mike: When you are Mike, you are committed, a good person and you have a clear line between the good and the evil. You like to maintain balance between your friends, the one you love and your family.
  4. Will: A creative person with and optimistic personality. Also, very clever and wants the best for its family and friends.
  5. Lucas: always a loyal person but headstrong. Very suspicious of anyone who is a stranger but can identify when someone is good or when someone is a bad person.

Which 'Stranger Things' Character Are You?

Stranger things character quiz